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Père Lachaise Guidebook



A walking tour to over 30 must-see sites in 102 pages

A Père Lachaise guidebook is now available in English. This unusual book
is a walking tour through a large portion of the cemetery and visits 31 of
the most popular sites. While not a biographer, the author offers a bit of
information to make each site meaningful and at times a tad scandalous.
Follow the author on an unforgettable walk through this haunting city of
the dead.

Visit Collette, Rossini, Haussmann, Bellini, Chopin, Cherubini, Robertson,
Heloise and Abelard, Pissarro, Jim Morrison, Marcel Marceau, Moliere, La
Fontaine, Brillat-Savarin, Modigliani, Edit Piaf, Aux Morts de la Commune,
Gertrude Stein, Alice B. Toklas, Oscar Wilde, Victor Noir, Sarah Bernhardt,
Simone Signoret, Yves Montand, Isadora Duncan, Max Ernst, Maria Callas,
Marcel Proust, Caillebotte, Georges Seurat and the beautiful Monument
aux Morts.


"A Book With Soul"

By Miles H.

Right away with Anna Eriksson and Mason Bendewald's arresting book
Meet Me at Père Lachaise, I got the sense that I was on an intimate
afternoon jaunt together with the author and photographer. Hence the
title. The book isn't called "Go Do Exactly What I Did at Père Lachaise," or
"Here's a Map, Have at It Buddy." It's an experience shared, a walk along
just one pathway trod by two people who obviously had life-changing
experiences getting lost together in the famous cemetery. It says as much
in the book's Foreword: "Feel free to make your own way, and even enjoy
getting lost there." A trip through Père Lachaise is a trip back in time, but
just like going forward in time, the steps are my own to take, the
experiences my own to interpret.

And so, with that in mind, the book is an incredibly rare gem: A
knowledgeable collection of terse but robust facts about the amazing
residents of Père Lachaise, organized to be suitable for a tour, yet seasoned
with inimitable personal anecdotes that briefly alight like a Psyche
butterfly. It's a brief dance of two living souls among thousands that have
passed. In other words, life.

To wit: the Paris landlady of Eriksson and Bendewald whose uncle was the
culprit who stole Maria Callas' ashes. Or the author hearing the growling
otherworldly intonations of Jim Morrison while paying respects at his
oft-defiled grave. Or the photographer paying homage first by kneeling at
the foot of the monument to slain young journalist Victor Noir, and then
again by leaving his corroded copper monument as one of the only
subjects in the entire book printed in color.

These are not the sterile monologues of a paid docent or the rote
recitations of a bored tour guide. These are not stock photographs taken by
sanctioned lenses. These are not entries in an academic encyclopedia.
These are the living breathing experiences of two artists sharing their
passion for witnessing the frailty of human legacy, and doing their small
part to keep the names of those departed souls on the lips of the living a
little while longer.

I can think of no more appropriate way to give life to those passed souls
than by being alive in their presence. And by encouraging me to do the

" A must have for your visit to Pere Lachaise"

By Teresa

In the summer or 2010 I visited Pere Lachaise. I had purchased this book in advance and found it quite helpful. We even dined in the area they recommended and found the food delicious. The photos are wonderful and I enjoyed learning fun facts about people buried there. Looking forward to vol. 2! There are so many interesting people buried in Pere Lachaise.

Anna and Mason's deep affection for this place comes through in the
eloquent and clever writing and breathtaking photographs.

"I couldn't put it down!"

By lamelonball

The book had arrived in the mail earlier that day. Barefoot and in pajamas ready to go to bed, I quickly opened the book to glance through it. I couldn't put it down! Between the writer's sense of humor, the tragic stories she recounted and the haunting photography I just kept reading. My fatigue from the day drifted away as I visited with Modigliani, Edith Piaf and Alice B Toklas. (I had no idea that the word "toke" came from her name!)

"An absolute must read!"

By Stacey J. & Chuck D

I read this book cover to cover the first time I picked it up and have
returned to it several more times since then. You are literally transported
there with every page and you cannot stop reading

Anna and Mason's deep affection for this place comes through in the
eloquent and clever writing and breathtaking photographs.

"Meet Me There"

By Freddie

We used this as a guide when visiting this interesting place in Paris. I'm not
one to visit cemeteries so I was luke warm towards spending the afternoon
there. Afterall, when you think Paris, it's the Eiffel Tower, Seine, Notre
Dame that come to mind. To my surprise, this was a unique and surreal
experience...not your typical graveyard. This guide made it even better by
helping us not only locate the graves of people like Oscar Wilde and Jim
Morrison, but also tell us a short story about it. A Sunday afternoon when
much of Paris is closed down, is a great time to visit.

" All the small stories were just wonderful. The pictures were also wonderful."

By P B Illingworth

This book was truly enchanting. All the small stories were just wonderful. The pictures were also wonderful - this book was a joy to read. And makes one want to visit this historical cemetery. Highly recommend.