Isadora Duncan, Time Traveler? May 25th, 2021

Most certainly! Confused? Well, first let me explain my declaration that Isadora Duncan manipulated time in the realm of quantum physics.

Our human experience is a series of interactions between our minds and our environment. When someone is a visionary to the extent that Isadora was, they are able to liberate themselves from what is currently happening (the environment) and they create a new reality. They imprint their vision onto the human experience and change the world, as we know it forever. Case in point: Isadora Duncan was an American dancer who was born on May 26, 1877 and yet she negated the reality that dancing was performed in rigid costumes, with rigid hairstyles, inside rigid shoes comprised of precisely rigid movements. Isadora was so immersed in the ancient Greek spirit of natural movement that her body and soul expressed itself wholly in that ancient ideal.

Isadora’s feet were bare, her hair flowed, the filmy material draped over her naked body floated, and her dancing was unbridled expression. Throughout her life people who saw her perform were forever changed. And so therefore was the world and the future. She’s joined by visionary time travelers: Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., who dreamt of a future where all people enjoying equality and liberty even though the time in which they lived negated that dream in a literal sense. But those two men behaved and acted as if their dreams were reality – and the world is still shaping itself to conform to their dreams. Isadora is also joined by Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein who saw so clearly into the future that they boldly dared to prove forces that not only couldn’t be seen, they couldn’t be conceived of by most human minds. And yet once these giants of quantum time travel brought forth their visions, they changed our world. Those four men were before their time. Isadora Duncan was moving to the rhythms of 500BC so she was far before her time, bringing the souls of the modern world a long lost treasure.

So what reality are you currently facing that you would like to liberate yourself from? I challenge you: Right now, this moment dare to dream, jot down your dream, and speak it out loud. And as you begin shaping your new reality, may I make a suggestion? Let yourself be inspired by Isadora Duncan. Mess up your hair, unhook your belt (or shimmy out of your restrictive clothing), turn on some music and let your entire body move for the spontaneous joy of moving.

All hail Isadora, Mother of Modern Dance, and intrepid time traveler.

“Dance, of all the arts, is the one that most influences the soul. Dancing is divine in its nature and is the gift of the gods.”

- Plato