Proust slept here May 26th, 2021

There aren’t many Parisian bathhouses frequented by Proust... that turned into nightclubs frequented by Andy Warhol and Naomi Campbell... that turned into hotels frequented by you.

And by not many, we mean like... less than two.

Behold the third act of the one and only Les Bains, a legendary Parisian spot that just added “operating a 39-room hotel” to its updated résumé, now open.

We could spend all day talking about how this place offered sulfur, Russian and Turkish baths in the late 1800s. And how it later became what was essentially the Studio 54 of Paris in the late ’70s. But you don’t have all day. So let’s talk about what it is now.

It’s a hotel.

One with rooms decked out in Joy Division album covers, the occasional private hammam and sofas modeled after those in Andy Warhol’s Factory. (See it in all its new glory here.)

It’s a restaurant.

One with tables that sit atop a fully restored black-and-white-checkered dance floor of nearly 2 million hand-laid tiles. Walk/dance gently.

It’s more.

There’s a private dining area in an old water tank. There’s a penthouse with a private chef on call. There’s a secret apartment that’s accessible by a private elevator.

They’re big on the whole “private” thing.