The Top Five Most Famous Graves in Père Lachaise July 15th, 2020

Not only are the lanes of Père Lachaise Cemetery one of the most beautiful walks in Paris but visiting these five graves will take you to the final resting places of the world’s most incredible people.

#5 Héloïse and Abelard

The original Romeo and Juliet, the story of forbidden love between a teacher and his student is so tragic that it has stirred hearts since the early 1100s.They were the perfect match of intellect and passion within the halls of education. Abelard was at the top of his teaching career and Heloise was a brilliant young student. The potency of their attraction was increased by the danger of being caught by her powerful religious uncle who was her guardian. When he discovered their liaison he tore the lovers apart and they were separated until their deaths…but now that they’ve been reunited inside the walls of Père Lachaise Cemetery, lovers from all over the world leave love letters at their tomb as only this tragic couple.

This is only #5 on the list of the most popular graves here inside the walls of this city of the dead.

See you there.