The Top Five Most Famous Graves in Père Lachaise August 13th, 2020

Not only are the lanes of Père Lachaise Cemetery one of the most beautiful walks in Paris but visiting these five graves will take you to the final resting places of the world’s most incredible people.

#4 Edith Piaf
Hers was the voice of a nation embodied in a tiny woman. Edith Piaf’s recordings are still treasured over 50 years after her death, and they are unlike any style of singing before or since. The magic of Piaf’s voice has everything to do with who she was as a woman—so human and so flawed — she communicated everything in her performances and people couldn’t help connecting to the sound. Born to a wretched life in the ghettos of Paris and raised by her aunt in a brothel, Edith’s early emotional trauma caused her to suffer hysterical blindness for a period of time. Her career began with singing in the streets and then in nightclubs it became obvious to promoters that Edith was something very special. Her heart and strength was transmitted out through her throat making each powerhouse a of emotion, so if she sang of love lost, listeners felt the pangs in their hearts and if it was a song of national pride, the weary occupied French felt the stirrings of strength from her. She was only 47-years-old when she died but had the body of an 80-year-old due to hard living, poor luck in love and a devastating addiction to alcohol. Piaf is buried on a picturesque hill within Père Lachaise and an absolute must stop when in Paris.

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